Casey tried her whole hand and pushed as hard as she could while rotating her wrist but she couldn't get past her knuckles. She kept trying though, when all of a sudden she felt an orgasm building fast. Soon she was cumming and could hear her own screams of pleasure as if she was looking at herself from outside. She could hear Mark's camera clicking constantly and noticed Gillian out of the corner of her eye coming in close with the video camera. She could also see Jolene smiling.

As the orgasm subsided she turned bright red and looked up at everyone sheepishly.

"Sorry," she said.

"Are you kidding? That was fucking awesome! You are one great girl Casey. We've already got hundreds of requests for more of you and that's going to triple after this goes up."

Casey had briefly forgotten that these shoots were in the public domain and she suddenly felt disgusted. Then she remembered her conversation with Jolene on Monday at the coffee shop and realised this was exactly what they both needed so all of this awful business paid off. If it didn't pay off then everything she'd done was for nothing.