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Paul looked over his classroom as the students took their mid-term exams. He had taught at Longfellow High School since graduating from college. Now in his mid-thirties, he could spot cheating a mile away. Age brings wisdom as his old teaching mentor used to tell him. Kids always thought you were dumb, but teachers know when you cheat. Students are nowhere near as clever as they thought they were, it just depended on how lazy a teacher could be.

Unlike most teachers, Paul didn't usually make a big deal about cheating. If they were a decent student or one struggling, he would pull them aside and speak to them after he graded the tests. When the teen did not fess up or made a stink about his accusation, then he would get school or parents involved. His usual treatment, if he didn't get the school or parents involved was for them needing to do an extra assignment. This was usually done for no extra credit but if done he would not adjust the test score. Most kids took his deal knowing that cheating could seriously affect their college applications.

On this day, Paul was paying particular attention to a girl by the name of Heather Thomas. Heather was considered to be one of the prettiest girls in school. Most of the other male teachers drooled over her in the teachers' lounge. That was not why Paul was paying attention to her though, she thought she was smart and was reading something off of a smartwatch. The watch had a case over it that tried to hide what it was, and she was playing it off like she kept checking the time. This was not the first time he had seen this trick and would likely not be the last.

He pulled out a sticky note and scribbled something on it. He walked over to Heather and lightly stuck it to her desk. Some of the kids in the class knew exactly what this meant. A few went "Ohhhh," or gasped as he continued down the row. Most kids knew of his policies and that he didn't like to single kids out in class. Some kids acted out more if they knew it got attention.

"Eyes on your papers, Class," he said as he patrolled the rest of the rows of desks. "Focus on your own work."

Heather stopped looking at her watch after that, but her eyes looked pissed when she read the post it. Paul didn't feel too bad for her. This was the third or fourth time he had caught her cheating or doing something like this.

When the bell rang, all the kids brought him their tests. All but Heather left anyways. Instead, she sat there with venom in her eyes.

"So what do you want Mr. Nelson?" she asked once the class had emptied out. "Your note just said to stay seated after class."

"I would think the reason was obvious Miss Thomas," he said putting all the tests in his desk drawer. He locked the drawer and got up. " You were cheating. Don't tell me you were not. I saw it clear as day."

"So," she said crossing her arms. Her long blonde hair hung over the right shoulder, and she was struggling to avoid eye contact.

"So," he began and crossed his own arms, then sat on the edge of his desk. "Miss Thomas, this is the third or fourth time you have been caught cheating or stealing someone else's work. I usually let it slide but now I feel like my generosity is being taken advantage of and that is not cool."

The girl didn't look scared at all. She turned her nose up at him like he was insignificant.

"Whatever," she said with no other reaction.

"We will see how you feel when I call your parents," he told her.

"Oh No," she said and covered her mouth mockingly. "Good luck, Dad is overseas, and Mom is a useless cow."

"That is the first step," he told her. "Then I get Principal McCollins involved. You can mock that young lady, but she is well aware of how I handle these things. When I bring stuff like this to her head roll."

"Yeah, yours might!" she snapped.

"Fine, give me attitude! Two-hour detention for the rest week," Paul retorted. "Now go to your next class."

Heather left as nonchalant as she had arrived. The girl didn't seem to care about anything he said. He had seen this sort of thing once or twice before with kids who usually had something going on at home.

This was his last class for the day, but there was one period left for the day. He usually graded papers and stuck around until an hour after school in case kids had questions. Not today though, instead he made his way to the office.

"Hey Paul," said Mrs. Farnsworth. She saw a plump gray-haired woman in her sixties who was the administrator for both the principal and vice principal. She was the school gossip and had also been there forever. "You don't come down here often, what's up?"

"Is Brenda in?" he asked.

"Sorry Hon," she replied while still typing something on her computer. "Principal McCollins left early today. Something I can help with today?"

"Maybe," Paul said thinking about it. "Yeah, can you get me Heather Thomas's contact info. I need to have a chat with her parents."

"Oh shit," Mrs. Farnsworth and stopped what she was doing. "I'll get it for you and leave a note for the Principal to talk to you tomorrow. I know if you're down here she must have really ticked you off." She clicked a few keys and wrote something on a piece of paper for him.

"I gave her a few chances like I do all of the kids, but she threw it in my face." He said taking the paper.

"Mrs. Thorn was in here yesterday with an issue about her too. Apparently, she was given detention and skipped."

"Well, I just gave her the rest of the week in detention," he told her shrugging. "Guessing I will have to call tonight if she doesn't show."

"You will probably be guessing right," she said to him as left back for his classroom.

The rest of the day was uneventful just the way he liked it. Paul got all the midterms graded, and scores punched into his computer. He double checked his pocket for Heather's parents' number before leaving.

He made a pit stop on the way to his car. The detention room was down in the back of the school near the teachers' lot. They had placed it there for this very reason. So teachers could check in on the way home and make sure kids assigned went there.

Paul rolled his eyes when he stuck his head in to see. Mrs. Williams who did detention every day just shrugged at him and waved her arm around the room to show no Heather.

"Fuck!" Paul thought himself. Well, there is a call I need to make tonight. He was not looking forward to that. You never truly knew how parents would react to being told their kid was misbehaving.

He snagged a few beers and pizza on the way home. By the time he ate, drank a beer, and caught up on the news, it was close to eight. That was usually a good time to call parents, they were often home by then.

He dialed the number, and it rang for what felt like a dozen time. Finally, a voicemail message picked up, it was a very light melodic voice.

"You have reached the line of Felicity Thomas. Please leave a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can," said the voice.

After the tone and Paul left his message, "Hi, this Paul Nelson, Heather's history teacher. I was wondering if I could speak to you or your husband about your daughter. It seems myself and a few other teachers might be having issues with her. I am hoping to fix the issues before I need to get the Principal involved." and then he gave his number.

Paul went back to relaxing in front of his TV and soon passed out on his couch. He was only asleep for maybe a minute before his phone rang. It made him jump so hard he fell off the couch and hit the floor.

"Hello," he answered the phone while rubbing his now bruised ass.

"Hi, Mr. Nelson?" said the caller. "This is Felicity Thomas, returning your call."

"Oh Hi," he said trying to put on his best teachers voice. "I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but myself and a few others have been having issues with Heather. I prefer not to involve the principal if I can help it. Teenagers can be moody, and I hate to see it affect their college applications. They usually grow out of it by the time they get to college."

Felicity took a long sigh and then responded, "I can honestly say I am not surprised. Her father and I divorced over the summer, and she has been giving everyone issues since."

"She wouldn't be the first one to have that happen," Paul said. "I have seen this sort of thing happen to lots of kids in the same situation. Hell, My parent divorced four years ago, and I still had issues too."

She laughed at Paul's comment, "You are a sincere man aren't you?"

"I try to be with parents and kids. The kids will get enough BS when they join the rest of the world."

"You are not what I was expecting from a teacher," she said laughing again.

"I hear that a lot," he said. "Do you think you could find time this week so I can tell you what has been going on? I'd like to help if I can or at least give you some suggestions so we can get Heather back on track."

"I can do that," she said then paused. "Does tomorrow afternoon work?"

Paul agreed that tomorrow would work and Felicity said she would be there shortly after school let out. It was one of the more pleasant talks he had with a student's parents. They usually implied their children were angels and he had to argue to make them see reason.

Then the next day at school was uneventful compared to yesterday's events. Heather was still giving attitude, but it was passive instead of the outright aggressive.

Paul was alone in his classroom at the end of the day. No Felicity in sight, apparently something had come up. Or at least that is what he thought until he started packing up for the day.

The door to the classroom opened up, and a strawberry blonde came in wearing a gray dress that cut just above the knee and was made of a tight jersey knit material. She had on four-inch gray pumps and carried a matching purse. Her hair was in a textured bob, it framed her face and small upturned nose. Paul didn't need to ask who she was, he could tell this was Mrs. Thomas. She was the spitting image of her daughter only curvier, bustier, and with redder tones to her hair. He guessed she looked in her early forties but still very hot.

"Mr. Nelson?" she asked looking a bit lost.

"Mrs. Thomas?" he replied.

"Yes," she said as Paul pointed her to the spare chair he had by the desk. "Sorry, I am late. I had a work appointment that ran long. I usually work in the evening, but when work calls, you try to make money when you can."

"Not a problem," he said taking his seat. "I understand needing to make money. I work all summer with a side job. A friend of mine owns a small contracting business, and I do some basic carpentry work for him. What do you do? If you don't mind me asking?"

"I run a small online business. Most of my clients work during the day, so I get most of my work in the evening," she said.

"I see," Paul said to her. He wanted to ask more, but since she was vague, he didn't want to push. "Now about Heather," he began.

"Mr. Nelson, I will be honest with you because you have been honest with me," she interrupted. "I don't know know how much help I can be. Heather has not listened to anyone since the divorce. My Ex travels a lot, and I never know where he is day to day. She gives him as much grief as me. He and I talk more now than when we were married. I am at my wit's end with her."

"That's why I called you," he explained to her and then went into details about what he saw, and he had gathered from some other teachers. The only thing that surprised her was Heather cheating on the midterms. She told him that was definitely new behavior.

"Wow," she said taking it all in. "Mr. Nelson, I am not sure what to do now. This is even worse than I surmised. Cheating is a new thing."

"I know," he said and put his hand on hers, which was on the corner of his desk. Please call me, Paul."

"OK, Paul," she said. "Where do you think I should start?"

"Well mind you, I don't have kids of my own. But... I think you should lay some ground rules. She skipped detention and has given more lip than I personally tolerate, which is a lot," Felicity nodded as she stared at him. "I can work out an update to you every day as to how she behaves with all her teachers. That way if we give a reprimand you can follow up. I find if things don't get reinforced at home and school this will go on for a long time. I also recommend looping your ex-husband into the conversation and feel free to give him my number."

"That sounds like a start but will tell you Paul, don't expect Harry to call you. He is out of town half the time when his visitation weekends come. He and I speak mostly through voicemails or email."

"That is not an issue either," he told her. "I just don't want to leave him out. Do you have an email address for me to shoot an update to you every day or would you rather a call?"

"Email works best," she said, and he passed her a pen and paper. She scribbled it down for him.

"Thanks for coming in Mrs. Thomas. You were not what I was expecting."

"Please, since I can call you Paul, please call me Felicity."

"Ok, Felicity," he said and liked the way it rolled off his tongue.

"What were you expecting?" she asked him.

"Your choice of words from your daughter painted a very different picture. I have also been at this long enough to know children and parents don't always resemble each other," he said patting her hand.

"I can say something similar about you too," Felicity said. "I never had teachers as young as you or I might not have made it through school. How old are you?" she asked.

"Thirty-five," Paul said smiling. He was pretty sure that she was flirting with him and he liked that idea. He had been single a while but no real flirting in what felt like forever.

"Really?" she asked shocked. " I never would have guessed that you were over twenty-five."

"Nope, Just a baby face," he remarked.

"So is there a Mrs. Nelson?" Felicity asked.

"Almost but no," he said frowning.

"Really," she said surprised.

"Yeah, I was engaged a year or two ago to another teacher. She taught at the elementary school. We broke up. Life goes on."

"Well," she said and squeezed his hand. "If you ever want to get a drink. You know how to reach me."

Felicity winked at him and got up. She flattened out her dress and looked at her phone. Paul took in those curves again. He didn't want to see her go but couldn't wait to watch her ass as she left.

"Listen, I hate to run off, but I have an appointment in an hour and should be going," she told him.

"Not a problem," he said offering her his hand to shake. "I need to be going too. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Most parents push me off for weeks."

She shook his hand and pulled him in close.

"I was serious about that drink," she whispered in his ear.

Paul blushed and nodded his head. This was not the first time a parent had made a pass at him, but she was undoubtedly the hottest. He might take her up on the drink too. He had been in a dating slump. Taking a rebound of someone as attractive as Felicity Thomas wouldn't be his worse idea.

That night at home, Paul pulled out his laptop to enter his classes grades into the system. It was a quick and easy process. While he was at it, he pulled out the email address Felicity had given him. He figured he might as well add it to his address book and put a reminder to send progress emails on his calendar. What surprised him was the email address itself. Her email header was "mrsrosepedals" and it was linked to a domain he didn't know.

Paul was surprised he told her about Lori his ex. It was not something he liked talking about. He had been engaged to her about two years ago but he suspected her of running around behind his back. She would get strange calls and email all time of day and night. With no regard for Paul, she would stop whatever she was doing and respond or make an excuse to leave.

One night he snagged her phone while she wasn't looking and grabbed the phone number and email address that she got messages from before she noticed. He didn't have time to read anything in the messages just enough time to write down from who they were coming.

Paul had heard something about this thing called the people search engine. It was some free website you could plug names, phone numbers and email into and boom, they gave you their social media accounts. When Paul had used it with the info, he had taken from Lori's phone. He got this guy named Doug. According to Doug's Facebook account, he had been dating Lori for over a year and taught at the same school as her. They were even talking about moving in together. That was funny for Paul because she had just moved in with him six months prior when they got engaged.

Paul would like to say he dealt with the situation like an adult. He was pretty sure he didn't in any way shape or form. Instead of talking to Lori, he went to Doug. Paul waited for Doug after school in the parking lot where Doug worked. They had a friendly little chat about Lori in which both men found out she was playing them both. Shortly after they both dumped her, so Lori took a transfer to another district. School areas are a small community and things like she did tend to be the cause of gossip.

Looking at Felicity's email gave him an idea. So he went to the people search engine again. He searched this time with both her email and phone number. The results were more than he expected.

Felicity had two facebook accounts, one under her name with no photos and minimal info. The second, however, was very surprising, it was an account for a Mrs. Rose Petals and contain lots of pictures of her in various stages of undress. Never naked but as close as you could get without violating Facebook's terms of conduct. Paul sat mouth agape staring at his screen. As he browsed the account, he saw a link back to a website.

The link took him to a webcam site for guys into hot MILFs. This specific link took him to Mrs. Rose Petals camera. Before him on his computer screen was Felicity standing in front of her camera wearing a pair of fishnet stockings, a black garter belt, with matching bra and panties. She was currently sucking on a giant red popsicle and simulating a blowjob. Paul couldn't look away from the screen.

"Come on my darlings," she spoke to her audience. Her hand moved the popsicle to her cleavage and ran it up and down leaving slight red liquid sticking to her. "If I get enough donations tonight, maybe I can put on a show my loves. Or maybe someone wants a private show."

Paul watched as the chat room attached went crazy. She had a hundred or so watchers, and his speakers dinged every time someone donated. He even considered a donation himself.

"Oh My Darlings," she said grinning. "You all spoil me so much. Would you all like to see my big boy toy?"

The chat filled with the words "Yes" and other encouraging comments. Felicity readjusted the camera, and she was now sitting on a brown wooden chair. The popsicle was gone and in its place was a ten to a twelve-inch dildo. It was not just long but big around too. Felicity began to try and fit the tip in her mouth.

"Oh my God boys," she said frowning. "It's so big I don't know if I can fit it in my little mouth. What should I do?"

The chat again filled with many comments and suggestions for her. Paul was not a prude, he had seen his fair share of porn, but even some of the ideas made his mouth drop.

"Ok baby's," she said repositioning like a man was standing in front of her. "Let try this again."

This time she fit it quite easily in her mouth, but Paul could see her mouth was probably open as wide as it could go. Felicity slightly choked and coughed as it went two, then three and finally about six inches down her throat. She then bobbing her head back and forth. Each time taking a little bit more. From what Paul could tell, eight inches seemed to be her limit. Low groans came from her as she blew the giant dildo.

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